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Noticias de canales

Aqui encontraras las noticias mas recientes de ciencia y tecnologia de los canales locales asi como los links para adquirir mas informacion.



Fox 6 

Google stock hits new high as analysts boost earnings estimates

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) - Google's earnings are growing so rapidly that not even the stock market bulls can keep up.

Securities analysts have raised their already high expectations for Google and investors scrambled today to buy a piece of a company that's drawing comparisons to some of high-technology's greatest growth stocks of the past.

The fervor lifted Google's stock to a new high on an otherwise dismal day on Wall Street.

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Canal 69
Police Technology

A new device may be hitting police patrol cars and motorcycles near you called Senscom that will give the traffic officers in the field immediate access to local, state, and federal databases to catch serious criminals if they are pulled over.

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Channel 8 local news

Microsoft Says PC Users Drowning in Info

Computer storage technology is getting so cheap a person could record every conversation of a lifetime and decades of photographs, but experts must improve search systems so users can make sense of such mind-boggling amounts of information, Microsoft's top research executive said Tuesday.

The company's billionaire chairman, Bill Gates, visits Washington this week to demonstrate for lawmakers and others some cutting-edge gadgets, for predicting traffic jams, for example, or turning countertops into full-blown computers.

Gates' top researcher, Richard F. Rashid, told The Associated Press in an interview that technology in some ways is outpacing people's ability to use it meaningfully. He described button-sized computers of the future that could be worn on a shirt and equipped with cameras and other sensors to record all a person's movements, activities and conversations.

But experts are struggling with ways to store the vast amounts of information generated over a person's lifetime and still permit them to retrieve important details later, said Rashid, who manages about 700 researchers at five labs from Beijing to San Francisco. And he acknowledged troubling privacy concerns.

Rashid said researchers are automatically recording hidden details associated with a piece of information, such as the geographic coordinates where a digital photo is taken, that can be used later to help retrieve it. A family could call up vacation photos by typing the name of the state where they went camping.

Prototypes of life-recording gadgets already are used by patients with some types of memory-loss ailments, who frequently benefit from keeping detailed logs of their activities, Rashid said. He also said police departments, which use dashboard cameras to record traffic stops, are interested in using shirt-pocket recording devices to protect and monitor cops on the beat.

Rashid said some things won't change. He predicted computers will use traditional keyboards even 10 years in the future, despite enormous investments by Microsoft and others in handwriting software and speech-recognition tools to let users dictate to their computers.

"In English, at least, it's faster to type than it is to talk," Rashid said. "We're not moving to a world where those things go away."

Microsoft is also asking Washington for help. Rashid said he was meeting with lawmakers and others this week to press for education improvements, more research spending by government and relaxed immigration rules to let companies hire more foreign employees.

Rashid said he expects a 30 percent decline in computer science graduates from U.S. schools within two years, citing surveys showing a 60 percent drop in interest in the subject among incoming freshmen.

"I'm really worried.
We already have jobs we can't fill," Rashid said. "I don't know where we're going to find people in this country to hire."

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New Technology Could Prevent Flu Crisis

Data Released By Area, Numbers

POSTED: 6:46 pm PDT October 19, 2004

UPDATED: 8:04 pm PDT October 19, 2004

SAN DIEGO -- A Bay Area company has created technology with the ability to track the number of flu cases in a certain area.

Compiling this kind of data used to take weeks, NBC 7/39 reported. The new technology means that hospitals can do it in less than a day, alerting health-care officials to the possibility of a crisis.


what's happening today, what may happen tomorrow, so we can be prepared if there's an influx of patients with flu-like symptoms to our emergency departments," said Jonathan Rothman of Emergency Medical Services. "With this technology, there's the opportunity to fire off alerts to our physicians and let them know that a peak has taken place."

"The software just brings all that information together as quickly as possible, and presents it in a way that a non-expert can understand it as quickly as possible," said Lance Walter of Business Objects, the Silicon Valley company that helped to create the technology.

The flu data is only released by area and numbers, not by name or individual identification, Walters said. The privacy of patients is not compromised, according to Business Objects.

The product was also created with the help of a non-profit physicians group, NBC 7/39 reported.

Abc Local news

Magazine Names Top Tech Cities

Popular Science Looks At How 'Wired' Cities Are

POSTED: 11:36 am EST February 11, 2005

Minneapolis is the top Tech City in the country, Popular Science magazine says.

The publication analyzed more than more than 125 cities to find out which is most wired.

The magazine surveyed academics, scientists, government officials, think-tanks and market researchers in formulating its list, it said in a news release. It also gathered information from the Census Bureau, the National Science Foundation and the Department of Transportation.

Cities were analyzed and ranked according to a range of broad criteria such as how connected the citizenry are, which includes the use of cell phones, computers and the number of Wi-Fi hotspots.

The magazine also looked at transportation innovation, the number of high-tech jobs per capita and the use of technology in education.

The use of energy and the areas' medical and emergency response systems were also evaluated.

Top 10 Tech Cities

(Full List)

1. Minneapolis
2. Atlanta
3. Washington, D.C.
4. Boston
5. San Diego
6. Chicago
7. Columbus, OH
8. Raleigh, N.C.
9. Seattle
10. Houston

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